Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thing 7: Google

I use Google.  A lot.  I use the regular ol' search feature in my toolbar, the image tab, the video tab, the calendar, iGoogle, Gmail, Google docs, etc.  However, the slideshow on the 'Taming' blog introduced me to features which will be helpful in narrowing down my search.  For example, I never knew you could exclude certain results by using a -.  I never used the filter for the image search (size, color, etc).  I also never knew about the :edu or :gov action which limits search results to educational or government webpages.  This is definitely helpful because I often have to go through pages of search results before I locate the correct source or type of source.  Something I thought would be useful for both myself and my students is the related searches feature.  This could be useful during the beginning stages of research to help narrow or broaden a topic.  Overall, I realize that Google has more options that will make searching (and my life) better and easier.


  1. Yay! Glad you discovered some new tricks to add to your search repertoire!

  2. I too use Google ALOT and wow, what an eye-opening experience to me too. We think we know how to use things when well, in fact, we are far from proficient. Humbling experience indeed. But now I am excited to keep learning.